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Linux Funding

The attack against Linux continues! GNOME receives 1 MILLION EUROS funding from the German Government!

GNOME Foundation Staff when they learn about the 1 Million Euros funding from the German Government…

A huge financial scandal erupted last week when news hit the internet that the German Government, via the Sovereign Tech Fund and the SPRIND Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation funded GNOME with 1 MILLION EUROS.

The infamous and extremely buggy project GNOME is being fed with MILLIONS for years and the result is an indisputable EPIC FAIL.

All across the internet anyone can find substantiated articles about GNOME's EPIC FAIL and yet still the German Government funds it with fury...

Of course there is an Army of well paid GNOME Propagandists across the internet too but let's hear what the real users have to say:

One decade later, GNOME still sucks

A must read: GNOME Linux — A Complete Disaster?

GNOME 42 — The Nonsense Continues

Gnome 40 - The anti-desktop desktop

Why is Gnome Hated?

I tried to understand GNOME, and I failed at COSMIC tiling too; could I have some MATE again?

Don't forget that GNOME propaganda machine is heavily funded by companies.

GNOME is a free product made by GNOME Foundation, which is a non-profit company founded in 2000 by companies such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, Compaq and Red Hat. On its advisory board there are many big players, like Google, Canonical, Debian, SUSE and System76. Its annual income has been around 1 Million Dollars since 2018. Red Hat estimated that 70% of the code committed for GNOME comes from paid participants who work for other companies. So essentially this is not a bunch of volunteer geeks who like to code in the night just for fun, but rather a company with direct and indirect employees, managers, directors, deadlines and a product that needs to make a profit for its investors and shareholders.

It is important to remember all that when talking about GNOME...

Fun fact: In the GNOME Funding Reports page you see an "Older reports may be available upon request" note. Either they were too tired to put the older reports in the page... (creating a web link to a PDF file is so complex these days) ...or they are hiding something.

It is clear that GNOME developers produce a terrible and buggy product deliberately, in order to keep the money rolling into their pockets for ever, to destroy the Computer Desktop Metaphor and keep Linux away from the Mainstream Consumer Computer Market.

The desktop metaphor must be saved. It’s under attack!

It is clear that GNOME is raging to destroy the Linux Desktop Usability.

It's clear that GNOME Developers/Propagandists act as Agents of Chaos to the Linux landscape.

GNOME is not a Desktop Environment. It's a bad joke. A huge setback that has it's jaws on Linux and won't let go.

When we see a GNOME based distro we don't even bother anymore.

GNOME is based on Javascript and its every update breaks everything.

GNOME is bloated with bad design and buggy code. You need 100s of extentions and a very powerful PC to get somewhat close to a functional computer and yet it's still bloated with bugs.

Ubuntu Unity tried to be GNOME and failed. That's why Canonical trashed it. They are both touch driven and 99% of computers don't have touch screens.

GNOME has failed because that's what you get when you try to transform a computer into a Tablet/Smartphone.

Computers should not have a Smartphone interface. Computer Screens are too big for that.

Oversimplification defeats the purpose:

"Simple is good but if simple means crippled it's not simple man, it's stupid. I believe in KIUS (Keep It Usable Stupid) rather than KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) because developers have turned KISS into KICS (Keep It Crippled Stupid)..."

GNOME goes against the Desktop Metaphor, the Linux Desktop Usability and the basic User Interface Principles of Xerox, on which the Mac User Interface was based on and revolutionized computing for ever.

GNOME and Ubuntu Unity do not even have desktop icons enabled by default!

You enter the default GNOME/Unity interface and there are no icons on Desktop for OS Disk, Computer, Network, Home Folder, Settings or Files you save on the Desktop.

Everything in GNOME/Unity reminds you of a Tablet/Smartphone and not a Computer.

The practical effect of using GNOME, is using less than 10% of the computer's (and thus of your brain's) potential, by wasting geometrically more time to do things in an amputated oversimplified and thus more complex way.

As we can't use a Tablet/Smartphone to it's optimum potential with a Computer interface, we can't use a Computer to it's optimum potential with a Tablet/Smartphone interface.

GNOME is the worst computer desktop interface ever because it's not intended for computers by design.

GNOME is losing the Linux game despite the millions of dollars flowing into it and they will try everything to delay their fall and keep the money coming.

With millions of dollars flowing in their pockets, of course it is a company covered by the "Non Profit Foundation" label.

If it wasn't for the millions of dollars flowing in their pockets GNOME would already be dead.

Furthermore, GNOME has nothing of a community. It's actually one of the least community-driven projects in the Linux world. Of course they go hard on their propaganda that it is, but we all know it's as fake a community as it gets.

The only people who use GNOME nowadays are GNOME developers, GNOME propagandists and employees who don't have any other choice.

Fun fact: At least 90% of Linux and FOSS websites, social media, YouTube channels and IRC channels, promote GNOME aggressively in one way or another and blatantly censor every opposite opinion.

This is no coincidence.

Lately they started promoting Apps written with "libadwaita", which is a library written specifically for GNOME.

So they are writing Apps for GNOME and not Apps for Linux.

They are trying to take over Linux and replace it with GNOME.

GNOME wants us to surrender the Hardware and Software freedom that a Computer gives us and be enslaved to Tablets and Smartphones in which we can't control either the Hardware or the Software.

The raging propaganda of using Tablet/Smartphone Interface like GNOME in Computers is subconsciously pushing people to use their Tablets and Smartphones more than their Computers.

The subconscious message of using GNOME is: Since the interface is the same why use a Computer? Use a Tablet or Smartphone! It's more convenient, smaller and practical!

If they take away our Computers they take away our Freedom and our right to choose the Hardware and the Software we use.

If they take away our Computers they take away our weapons with which we defend our Freedom.

If they control the Hardware and the Software we use, they control us and we will be enslaved.

And that brings us to the Million Dollar question:

Why IBM, Sun Microsystems, Compaq, Red Hat, Google, Canonical, Debian, SUSE, Endless, The Document Foundation, Sugarlabs, System76 and the German Government throw Millions of Dollars to a proven failed project that destroys the Linux User Experience and the Computer User Experience?

Because GNOME was created to destroy and to discredit Linux. That's why it's do heavily funded.

GNOME is a well funded corpse and an ongoing disaster by design.

On GNOME, it all comes down to this: Either they can't deliver the product or they don't want to.

Either way they shouldn't be funded, unless there is another agenda behind the scenes...

If they were a private company they would be bankrupt in less than a year...

All those companies and the German Government have a lot of questions to answer on the GNOME funding but we seriously doubt they ever will...

Need we say more?