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Due to a ruling of the Hamburg Regional Court, access to the "ytdl" website is blocked!

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Wake up!

Concerning Free Open Source Software (FOSS)

Concerning Free Open Source Software (FOSS):

Philosophically and ethically we agree but every day practicality needs things get done.

We support FOSS but in the real world 99% of Devices, Appliances, Machinery and Vehicles YOU USE run on Proprietary Software.

The Computer or Tablet or Phone you are using right now to Preach FOSS runs on Proprietary Software (Embedded in the Hardware or not).

This is pure hypocrisy.

We agree that FOSS is good but we need things get done and if FOSS does not suit us we'll use whatever software does the job.

That's what FOSS Fanatics don't get. Users need things get done. Now.

Mac, iPhone and iPad run on Proprietary Software and still they changed the world and gave us tremendous power.

Proprietary Software is not always about removing or limiting our Freedoms and our Rights.

It can be about User Experience Consistency, Quality Control and Stability.

Not all proprietary Applications are full of DRM, spies and sell your data for advertising purposes.

FOSS Applications can also be full of DRM, spies and sell your data for advertising purposes.


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"Linux Community" and the Linux Mafia Army

Well, let's talk about the so called "Linux Community"...

It's no secret that 99% of all those "Linux Community Websites & Linux YouTube Channels & Linux IRC Chat Channels", promote 5-10 Linux Distros out of 100's. This is not random.

And it goes deeper that that. The hostile behaviour of this "Linux Mafia Army" when you talk about other distros than the ones they push, is classic...

All those "Linux Community Websites & Linux YouTube Channels" sell your browsing data to 1000's of capitalist companies by spying on you via Cookies, so even in most Linux distros (FOSS or not) you are the product...

I am not saying that it's bad to want to make money, but if at the same time you are preaching Internet Freedom and FOSS, it's a bit hypocritical at best.

So, don't lecture us about the so called "Linux Community".

We know the subversive and covert tactics of your "Dark Web Gang": Online Mob/Swarm Misinformation, Online Mob/Swarm Slandering, Online Mob/Swarm Character Assassination, Online Mob/Swarm Psychological Operations, Online Mob/Swarm Sabotage.

You may have positioned yourself at the backbone of the internet, pulling strings from the shadows, but you are not invisible.

~ root

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